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Dora 3 | Dora 2   Free Dora Games - Dora Cooking Games Online At Who doesn't like Dora? That cute little Explorer and her buddies are cherished worldwide by children and adults alike. Children love her for her sense of fun and adventure. Adults love her because they know that she is a wholesome character that is safe for his or her children to admire. If you are looking for a safe rainy day exercise for your child, or a way to give them a little down time, why not let them play Dora games on the internet for a little while? It is a guaranteed kid friendly way to spend time on the internet. There are so many different types of Dora games out there that your child can find hours of entertainment waiting for them. Some of the games are action games where Dora or her sidekick Diego are placed in different settings and so are given different duties to perform. There is a variety of settings, plus some of the accepted areas they visit within their games are the supermarket, the ocean, and a pirate ship. In lots of of these forms of video games, Dora and Diego need to collect certain products along the way throughout their adventure to function toward a finish goal. Dora Games.